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Waliyullahi 'Saiful Ilah' Zainudheen al Qadiri al Malibari-QS_By:Abu Hamid Al Malibari

Perumugham Usthad[qs] was born at Kizhiyeri House in Thenhipalam, Kozhikode(Malabar), Kerala, India in the month of Rajab, 1352.AH(1933 A.D(.Exact date not known).This great servant of Allah was born to Imbichali Mollah, son of Ahmed Kutty Mollah, son of Mangatt Ali Kutty Haji (Nawwarallahu Markada) and to the pious lady Beefathima as their 3rd out of 6 children.His was a pios Sunni Muslim family.His Grand father Ahmed Kutty Mollah was a Sheikh of Rifai'iyyah Sufi Order and was known for his miracles and whose wife Ayammah Umma too was a Qur'an Teacher and She died off while finishing the teaching of the last Juz'u of Qur'an by writing the verses on a flat board with chalk.(May Allah have His Mercy on them all).His great Grandfather Ali Kutty Haji was known for performing Hajj on foot in those difficult days. His mother Beefathima too was an Islamic teacher who used to teach the essentials to children.Al Usthad Zainudheen Musliyar was named as ‘Enikutty’ by his father and was subsequently known as ‘Zainudheen’. His initial studies were with his own Father Imbichi Molla and his elder brother Ahmed Kutty Molla. Thereafter he studied in different Dars establishments (learning centers attached to major mosques).Thus he was taught by M.Abdullah Kutty Musliyar,the grandson of Shujayi Moidu Musliyar) at Thenhipalam and Puthukkudi Alavi Musliyar at Thenhipalam andPukayoor. Then he became a student of the great Malibari scholar Paravanna Moideen Kutty Musliyar(Rah) at Islahul Ulum Arabic College,Tanur.Paranna usthad was successful in guiding him to oratory field in which he excelled his contemporaries later on. Zainudheen usthad’s thirst for more and more pure Sunni Islamic knowledge led him to seek other famous teachers and they included the another current great scholar P A Ahmed Kutty Musliyar(Rah) and later prominents such as Shamsul Ulama E.K.Abu Bakr Musliyar(Rah) and Thajul Ulama Assayed Abdu Rhiman al Bukhari(May Allah Preserve him), the latter two at Quwwathul Islam Dars (now Arabic College) at Taliparamba, Kannur. Even after this he did not rest but continued to study from Koyappa Kunhayin Musliyar near his home at Velimukk and then went to Ullal (Dakhin Karnataka) to complete his study from Syed Kunhi Seethi Koya Thangal.

His Shareekks(co-students:): The Great Islamic Scholars of Malabar as Qutubul Alam al arif bi’llah c.m.Muhammad Abu Bakr Musliyar Madvoor(QS) and the great orator and debater Shaykhu Shariah E.K.Hasan Musliyar(n.m) were his class mates. His full class mates include Sayed Jamalillai Thangal of Chelari, Sayed Cherukunhi Thangal of Kadalundi,Moulana Ali Kunhi Musliyar of Shiriya, Muhammad Musliyar of Perumugham and K.K.Muhammad Musliyar.

His Sufi Shaykh: He was fortunate to get spiritual training and connection from the Qutb of his age Mawlana Abul Fadl Assayyed Muhammad Jalaludheen (b. Androth sland) al Jili, al-Hydrosi, an-Nuri, al-Qadiri, ar-Riafii, al Chisti, ash-Shadili and an-Naqshbandi (Qaddasallahu Sirrahul Azeez)[d.Kunnathery,Aluwa,Bani Noorul Irfan Arabic College].                

His Tariqah is unique in that both the Qadiri and Naqshbandi Sisilah pass through one of the greatest scholars that India had ever produced i e, Hadrat Imam Shah Waliyullah Muhaddis Dehlavi (QS) (d.1176.A.H.Delhi) and the Naqshbandi path ,as is usulal for all Indian Naqshbandi paths through the fountain head of Naqshbadiyyah, i e,the Great Mujaddid Imam-I Rabbani Hadrat Mujaddid e Alf Thani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi (QS) (d.1034.AH.Sirhind,Punjab,India).

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