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Jamia Sufiya:His Eminence Hazrat Allama Syed Muhammad Jilani Ashraf at Dargah Kichaucha Sharif.

Jamia Sufiya was founded by His Eminence Hazrat Allama Syed Muhammad Jilani Ashraf at Dargah Kichaucha Sharif.



The Holy Dargha [Maqam] of Hazrat Makdoom Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani Kichhochhawi ( RA), Baskhari, Dist. Ambedkar Nagar (Faizabad), UP.
Hazrat Sultan Sayyad Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani [d.807] Rahmathullahi alaih. - Kicchocha Shareef - 'Arifeen Zubdat as-SualiHeen, Ghous al-'Alam Sultan Hadrat Meer Auhad al-Din Sayyid Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (Radi ALLAHu Ta'ala Anho),who was such an eminent and outstanding spiritual personality of the world of mysticism, whose shining sun of spirituality and knowledge (ma'rifat) has illuminated every corner of the world.He [qs] was born in Simnan (Iran) in 708 (A.H). His father, Sultan Ibrahim married with Bibi Khadija Begam at the age of twenty five years. He had only two or three daughters and no son, After the birth of daughters, there was no issue up to eight years. He was grieved at heart. One morning, he and his wife Bibi Khadija Begum were sitting together on prayer mate. All of a sudden Hadrat Ibrahim Majzoob entered in to the palace. Both were astonished to see him. Hadrat sultan Ibrahim stood up and went forward to greet him. He made him sit on the throne and both husband and wife were standing bending their heads before him . Seeing such a noble courtesy meted out to him, he said “ Probably you are desirous of son ”. Hearing it both were extremely glad and said, “ It will be our good luck if you bestow a son ”Ibrahim Majzoob again said, “its price is very much as I will give you an extraordinary thing” . Sultan Ibrahim readily said, “whatever you order, I am ready to fulfill it .”
Ibrahim Majzoob said, “I want one thousand Dinar.” Sultan Ibrahim presented one thousand dinar before him. Ibrahim, Majzoob stood up happily and said, “O Ibrahim (To Himself) you gave hawk (baz) to Sultan Ibrahim and he bought it chief. ” Hadrat Sultan Ibrahim went forward with him as a respect. Turning back, Ibrahim Majzoob saw him and said, “ What do you want more; you have got your son.” It is also narrated that one night Hadrat Mohammad Mustafa (Salallaho Alaihi wa Sallam) came in his dream and predicted that a waliullah (Friend of Allah) was to be born in his house; His name will be Sayyid Ashraf.



Shaikh-e-Tariqat Syed Mohammad Jilani Ashraf (Chief & Founder of Jamia Sufiya )

Shaykh Abu Bakr Ahmad Malibari,at Inaugural Ceremony of Jamia Sufiya 12-12-12


[1] Past and Present Status

QOUTE, “For generations, sciences such as Tafseer (commentary), Hadith (tradition), Fiqh and Wasool-e-Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence and its four foundations), scholastic philosophy & rhetoric, logic and philosophy etc have been part of the Islamic Studies curriculum. For centuries, Tasawwuf (mysticism) was also a part of it. Therefore, as well as Jalalain and Baizawi, Roohul-Bayan was incorporated in to the course along with Bukhari & Muslim, Riyazus-Saleheen and other books relating to Hadith that were taught in the Madrasahs (religious learning institutions) and are still found in the library. To further my point , I would like to quote a couplet of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi (May Allah shower His mercy upon him).

Khusha masjid wa madrasah khanqah hai 
Ke darway buwad qeel wa qal Muhammad (PBUH)

Three holy establishments have taught the sayings & actions of the Guide of the world, Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessing of Allah be upon him). These are the Mosque, Madrasah (religious institution) and Khanqah (spiritual retreat for Sufis). It is a matter of deep regret that for last 100 years, teaching and training in mysticism and Sufism was taken out from the syllabi and as a result, spiritualism as well as moral and ethical values have started to plummet. In the modern age, Sufism has been referred to by indecent utterances such as the "Pill of Opium" and Sufis have been labelled as a "group of deserters". How much have we gained and lost by forsaking the teachings of Tasawwuf and Sufism? I leave this question open for discussion for those with knowledgeable insight.

It is true that turning away and neglecting the Sufism that is a part of the heritage of the Prophetic Khanqah has caused irreparable damage to Mosques, Madrasahs (religious learning institutions) and Khanqahs of the present day.

Let bygones be bygones. There is no need to say more in this regard. By the virtue of Allah the Exalted and with firm determination I came to think that ‘instead of cursing the darkness, it is better to light a lamp’. And the name of this lamp is Jamia Sufiya. This is the first of the reasons for the establishment of Jamia Sufiya.”

“There is no doubt that for a long time there has been much deliberation and contemplation over the establishment of Jamia Sufiya. Ideas and activities regarding its formation have appeared then seemingly vanished. Many challenges have been faced regarding its establishment but in spite of this, we have continued to make a determined effort until the materialisation
 of Jamia Sufiya finally took place on 1st Jan 2002/27th Shawwal-al-Mukarram 1423 AH.
The objectives of Jamia Sufiya can be compared to a group of people whose aim it is to obtain water from barren, hard and unfertile land. The group have a firm belief that if water cannot be obtained today, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth will allow them to reach their goal at some point in the future.
Faqeer Ashrafi says with sincere spirit and emotion that had it not been for the enabling grace of Allah the Almighty, the establishment of Jamia would not have come to fruition. Allah has promised - "Those who strive in Our path surely will be shown the righteous path" (Al- Qur'an). Through the materialisation of Jamia, His illuminating shower of mercy can be seen and felt. Despite unfavourable circumstances, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, Jamia Sufiya is headings towards its targets as each day passes. Jamia Sufiya, managed by Spiritual Foundation, is proof of His beneficent promise. This is the second reason for its establishment.
[3]We Acknowledge
“We acknowledge that the sciences of Tasawwuf, purification, Ihsan (kindness) and strength in character allow us to pass through thorny paths. For this however it is necessary to acquire knowledge first because without knowledge, practice remains incomplete. And without practice, knowledge remains inadequate. I endeavour to make Jamia Sufiya a luminous lamp, a lamp which has to be kept illuminated with knowledge and practice so that other lamps could be illuminated by this one. This is the third reason for its establishment.”
[4] The Madrasah and Khanqah
Before I proceed I would like to clarify that it is neither an objective of Jamia nor in its curriculum to have the intention of developing its students to reach the spiritual heights of an Abdaal, Wali, Qutub or Ghaus. This would be an idea of an insane mind, since such high ranks are bestowed upon man by the bounties and blessings of Allah rather than the efforts of other men - "Such is the grace of Allah which He bestows on whom he wills." (Al-Qur'an).
We are making a concerted effort to explore the possibilities in compiling a course structure for Jamia Sufiya. It has been a hundred years since it has lost its treasure of teaching & training. Starting afresh, we are facing many difficulties and problems but we hope to overcome them. It should be noted that Sufism has not ceased to exist in the past hundred years so it should not be assumed that we are the first institution to proceed with its work in this period.
For centuries, copious amounts of work have been done on Tasawwuf, Salook, Shariat, Tariqat and Ihsan and Irfan in the Muslim world. This work continues today, whether it is individually or collectively. I would like to inform you that the guidance is connected with the Guide of the world. Therefore, till the Day of Judgment, works pertaining to the guidance of the people will continue.
In the light of above mentioned facts, we acknowledge that the Madrasah & Khanqah have been overlooking their duties, intentionally or unintentionally, in spreading and promoting the Sufism. The result has been a negative one as the new generation of the Madrasah and Khanqah are free from influence of its practice (illah ma sha'a Allah). Our Madrasahs and Khanqahs are themselves responsible for this miserable condition due to a lack of real spirit (illah ma sha'a Allah). This is the reason why the Poet of the East wept while saying:
Na zindagi na muhabbat na ma'rifat na nigah
There is no life, no love, no enlightening knowledge. (Allama Iqbal)
To reform the above mentioned sad situation, intentionally or unintentionally created by the Madrasah and Khanqah, is the fourth reason for its establishment.

[5] Nothing but Effort

History witnesses that in every age Sufis, Ulema, Auliya (pious men) and Fuqaha have faithfully transmitted the message of the Prophet (Peace & blessing of Allah be upon him) successfully by means of the Madrasah and Khanqah to the world community, irrespective of colour and race. Passing on this valuable asset and the rich heritage of mystic knowledge to the world community is an objective of Spiritual Foundation and the Foundation is gaining its foothold in these activities. To achieve these aims, we need to create an atmosphere where the Madrasah and Khanqah function in an organised manner in order to spread the knowledge of Sufism, so as to reform the soul and to build the character of man. Jamia Sufiya is a distinguishing institution in the sense that it provides a unique environment where knowledge of Sufism combined with modern education can be acquired. In other words, its students would have both spiritual and material knowledge.
Keeping this objective in mind, we have progressed further in terms the practical work involved. The work we are doing is merely an endeavor. To make an effort is my duty but the completion is in the hands of Allah the Exalted. This is the fifth reason for its establishment.

[6]Reality of This World

The model of the proposed plan of the Spiritual Village is fast-approaching. Jamia Sufiya and Meditation Centre is fast becoming a reality. We cannot deny the fact that without modern and technical education, we cannot keep pace with the modern world since the social & cultural onslaught is devouring the vitals of our societies.
It was certainly a golden period when the ruling elite and the wealthy provided the financial support to the Madrasah and Khanqah. Ulema and Sufis in the Madrasah and Khanqah were free from economic problems and engaged in the training, teaching and service of mankind with sincere intention. However, the reality of the world is that today our society, manners, culture and style of living is in complete disarray. As a matter of fact our material needs have abandoned the concept of trust in God and contentment.
Principles and conduct are making dramatic changes in every walk of life. Ethical values are swiftly being eroded and human greatness and magnificence is on a rapid decline. The purpose of the acquisition of knowledge once was to reform the self and to serve fellow man. Now it is acquired for material gain, earning a name, fame and wealth. Therefore, there is a need to protect the coming generation from these incurable maladies. Thus such an atmosphere has to be created in the Madrasah where a relationship has to be established between the glorious values of the past and modern-day education. The course and curriculum must therefore be arranged in such a manner that the student is provided with a contemporary and technical education, so that he could face the challenges of the world with strong courage and determination. This would also provide him a means of fulfilling his material needs and allow him to provide for his family.
To achieve these profound aims and objectives, we have embarked on a journey with little pressure regarding the outcome of the result, be it a positive or negative one. We are going ahead with a set goal in mind, constantly seeking Allah's blessings and guidance to show us the right path and leaving the end results to Him, since He is the only Guardian of all His creations - "And I submit all my affairs to Allah. Verily He is all Guardian of His creations". (Al-Qur'an). This is the sixth reason for its establishment.

Hadhrat Syed . Sheikh-e-Tariqat Muhammed Jilani Ashraf Founder & Chief: Sufi Foundation, Spiritual Foundation &Jamia Sufia.
 His blessed life on this world began on the 4th July in 1946 in the illuminated city of Kichaucha Sharif in India. He is the son of the well respected Hadhrat Syed Muhamid Ashraf, and his grandfather was the most revered Muhhaddith-e-Azam Hind Kichauchavi. His blessed ancestry can be traced back to be the 28th descendant of Ghausal Azam Syedna Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA). He is the 38th descendant of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). . Th sacred Ashrafiya family belongs to the reformer and revivalist of the eighth century (hijrah) , Hadhrat Syed Ashraf Jahngir Samnani (RA) who was born in 707 Hijri in Simnan[Iran] & passed away in Kichaucha Shareef,Ambedkar Nagar,U.P.,India. This sacred family has been fulfilling the legacy of spiritual and ethical services at a global level for the past several hundred years.
He received his primary education at Kichaucha Sharif Ambedkar Nagar-UP and Darul Uloom Ashrafia Mubarakpur and Jamia Arabia Sultanpur. After completing his education in Philosophy and Logic he moved to Bhiwadni (Mumbai) where in 1968 he estabilished the Arabic College Darul Uloom Deewan Shah. This is the beginning of his practical life. Sheikh-e-Tariqat is a distinguished writer and uninhibited journalist. He edited a well known, widely read journal ‘Al-Meezan’ from 1974 to 1987. Sheikh-e-Tariqat has been granted permission for Baiat-o-Iradat (administering oath of allegiancve). By the grace of Allah, he has a long train of disciples in all around the world.
He is a heir to Qadriya, Chistiya, Naqshbandiya,  Shuharwardiya and Nizamia Ashrafia line of Tariqahs. New disciples are introduced in accordance to the afore mentioned mystical paths (silsila). Sufism promotes love, peace and brotherhood. Humbleness, respect and service to mankind and through non violence are inherent roots of Sufism. Hatred, enmity, oppression & terrorism find no place in Islamic teachings or in Sufism. Sheikh-e-Tariqat has estabilished Spiritual Foundation and Sufi Foundatiobn to work on spiritualism, humanity and ethics in a structured and systematic manner. He has also compiled a book on Tasawwuf  known as ‘Kashful Quloob’. It contains more than several thousand pages and is categorized as a encyclopaedia of tassawwuf. In addition to this Sheikh-e-Tariqat is the author of more than two hundred books on ethical and spiritual subjects. The movement that Sheikh-e-Tariqat has initiated is growing globally as each day passes, through the light of the universal concept of firm determination. By constant struggle Sheikh-e-Tariqat is engulfing the world in love Sheikh-e-Tariqat’s spiritual, ethical work and training is being carried out nyo only in India but also in UK, Europe, North America, New Zealand, South Africa in addition to other African countries. This list grows as we speak – Ameen! His Emminence has also established Jamia Sufiya; a first modern educational and training institute for the revival and preservation of the teachings of Sufism in a well thought out framework at Dargah Kichaucha Sharif U.P. India.

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