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Syed Muhammad Jalaludheen al Jili, al-Hydrosi, an-Nuri, al-Qadiri, ar-Riafii, al Chisti, ash-Shadili and an-Naqshbandi Malibari (qs)

The blessed Grave of Abul Fadl Assayyed Muhammad Jalaludheen (b. Androth Island) al Jili, al-Hydrosi, an-Nuri, al-Qadiri, ar-Riafii, al Chisti, ash-Shadili and an-Naqshbandi[qs]

alias, A.I.MUTHUKOYA THANGAL,died at KUNNATHERY,ALUVA,Kerala,India],  :

Bani Madrasa Noorul Irfan Arabic College (Q.S)
In the middle of roaring waves of Arabian Sea few islands are situated as pointers of supreme power of the mighty creator, collectively they are known as Lakshadweep. In A.D 1910, Shaiquna Bani Thangal was born to Puthiyaillathuappura Sayyid Idrosiyyu Thangakoya Thangal (Q.S) and Ayshayyapura Valiyabeevi of Androth Island, the cultural capital of islands. Androth is blessed by the birth of innumerable holy souls. Shaiquna was born in “Jeelee” Qabila (which is the main Qabila of Lakshadweep) as 21st grandson of Ashaaique Muhyiddeen Abdulquadir Jeelani (Q.S). Shaiquna was named as Assayyid Muhammed Jalaluddeen, Muthukoya thangal (Q.S) and opted kunya ‘ Abulfazal’. Shaquna bani (Q.S) was an intelligent and studious child. Learned Quran and primary religious instruction from his mother and also had great passion for subjects related to religion and spirituality. He had left his native Island to quench his thirst for knowledge. Shaiquna started his main stream education in Madrasa An - Noorul Muhammadiya, Puthukkudi, in Tamilnadu. The Madrasa was run by Sufi saint Shaique Abdulkareem Hazrat (Q.S) disciple of shaiquna Abdulkadir Sufi (Q.S) (popularly known as ‘Hyderabad Sufi’). Shaiquna obtained “Noori” degree from there and also excelled in various stream of knowledge with the help of great teacher. Quest for spirituality took him to his uncle Puradam Kunjikoya Thangal (Androth) popularly known as Ashaique Ahamad Jeely (Q.S) and took the “Baia’th”. After the demise of his beloved shaique, as per the instruction of shaique himself shaiquna took Baia’th from Ashaique Muhammed Sufi al- Quthari (Q.S) , popularly known as “Thodupuzha Hazrath”. Shaiquna also had great spiritual teachers like Puthiyapura Shaique Sayyid Yousuf Buqari (Q.S) and Kalathodu Shaiquna:Shaique Moulana Kammukutty Musliyar (Q.S).

Services Shaiquna was purifier of innumerable hearts and a beacon of light in the paths of Allah, All Mighty. Shaiquna lived as shining orb of spiritual world for decades and donated great disciples to spread his legacy. Legends of spirituality and knowledge like Marhoom M.Muthukoya thangal(Q.S) Androth, E.K.Hassan Musliyar, Thevakara Alavikunju Musliyar, Koyakutty Musliyar perumukham, Aalikutty Musliyar, Mudarris Peringathoor, M.P. Muhammed koya Musliyar Kuttikattoor, M.K.Cheriyakoya Thangal Androth(N.M) were disciples of Shaiquna Bani(Q.S). Shaiquna founded Noorul Irfan Arabic College (which means light of spiritual knowledge) in Kunnathery, Aluva giving particular stress on “Ilmuthasavvuf “(knowledge of self purification). There was no institution, in existence giving particular importance on this branch of spiritual knowledge when this great institute was founded. By the great leadership of Son of the founder and our beloved great spiritual leader Shaiquna K.P Sayyid Shihabuddeen Koya thangal (M.L), the institute is conquering the heights of success. Shaiquna Bani dedicated his life to remove the obscurity of ignorance from the society. Shaiquna took great interest in implementing ‘hijab’ culture among the women, and fought against the evils in society like traditional “ear piercing” (known as Kathukuthu). His brave stands against the bad element of the society made him plenty of enemies. 

Shaiquna had founded few prayer centers for his disciples: 

1. Mahlarathul Qadiriyya( Kunnatheri, Aluva) 

2. Mahlarathul Qadiriyya( Kolathara, Calicut) 

3. Mahlarathul Qadiriyya( Androth, Lakshadweep) 

4. Mahlarathul Qadiriyya-wa-Rifaiyya ( Vakkethodi, Manjeri) 

Works of Shaiquna 
Shaiquna, the epitome of spiritual world also proved his genius with pen. Knowledge and incomparable literary genius are when united in a person, literary master pieces are born. Great epic poem - Thajul Akbar was born thus. Melodious poems like Fathima Beevi Wafath, Wagibath & Thouheed Maala, Maa’rifath Maala and Muhiyiddeen Maala. 
Wajibath Maala: 
Wajibath Maala is poetry in Arabi- Malayalam, explaining in lucid and easy language the essentials of faith, like 40 Assle’s of kalima,50 Aqeedas, knowledge required for performing Namaz and fasting and few guidance.
Thouheed maala:
Thouheed Maala is poetry in Arabi- Malayalam which was written at the request of few disciples .This work will be great use for those who well versed with the usages of “Isthilahusoofiyya” .The work also communicates aspects of the thareeqath and summary of great kithabs. 

Maa’rifath Maala or Munajath: 
Ashaique Assayyid Muhammed Kamaluddeenul Jeeliyul Quadiriyyu Sufiyyu (Q.S) who was main Qualif of Shaiquna Bani(Q.S) introduces this great poetry: “Munajath was sung in the early stages of halath- maqamaths of Shaiquna Al Aarif Billahil Kummal Moulana Abul Fazal Assayyid Muhammed Jalaluddeen Idrosiyyunnoriyyul Quadiriyyurrifaiyyul Chishthiyyshaduliyyunnaqshabandiyyu A.I Muthu koya thangal. It is ideal for those who believe in Ahlussunnathu val Jamaa’, especially members of Quadriyathu Sufiyyath Threeqath. Munajath should be habituated in time of thahajjud or after magrib or before going to bed or right after subhi or whenever comfortable to recite .It is proved by experience that those who recite munajath as a habit will feel the light of ma’arifath in their heart”. Specialty and greatness of the Munajath is underlined by this statement itself. 

Thajul Akbar 

Thajul Akbar is poetry in Arabic Malayalam about life and trials of Prophet Yusuf (A.S). Holly Quran introduces this real life story as the ‘most beautiful story’. This is written in enchanting form, tofuching heart of the listeners. Shaiquna was visited the actual places of events, and referred innumerous books of thafseer as well as Islamic history for writing this unique combination of history and poetry. This great work is the pointer towards the literary genius of the great poet. Readers and audience of this legendary creation will be mesmerized by heavenly happiness bursting out from their mind; a rare phenomenon. In the beginning of this book poet implore to Almighty: “Oh! Lord, may fill the minds of people with happiness.” It is believed that the very phenomenon specified above is the result of this prayer.

Fathima Beevi Wafath Maala

Fathima Beevi Wafath is a poetry in Arabic-Malayalam, which was written based upon historical books. In this poetry shaiquna explains the events occurred before the demise of Fathima (R.A) daughter of Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (S.A). Conversations between Fatima (R.A) and her beloved husband just before her wafath is portrayed in touching language. The poem reminds us about life after death. 

Muhiyiddeen maala 

A poem narrating few memorable incidents and supernatural events from the life of Shaique Quthubul Aqthab Gausul aa’lam Muhiyiddeen Abdul Quadir Geelani(Allah be pleased with him), the leader of sufis, beacon of knowledge, and renovator of Islam.


The great Master of Qadiriyya Thariqath , the reason behind innumerable belighted souls in the path of truth and spirituality, left to the heavenly abode in hijra 1388, in the month of safar 25 (A.D 1968 may 25) Saturday evening. Noorul Irfan Arabic College is truly a citadel of spiritual knowledge, an everlasting tribute to the cause of Allah. Bani Hazarth’s Madhar sharif, is in the nearby Mahlara, founded by him (may Allah be pleased with him) for conducting Ratib and other aurath for the disciples. May Allah favour all of us, to contribute in the growthof this center of Thasawwuf and Islamic knowledge. May Allah reward all of us.
[From Jamia Noorul Irfan Arabic College Website]

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